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Your extended team

We’re a collective of top-flight researchers, designers and developers based in Bristol.

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How we deliver

Carefully selected teams

Our model enables us to select the right team for your project from our carefully curated network of associates.

Focused on outcomes

Everyone is focused on the outcome. The outcome you want. An outcome worth working on.

Grounded in an understanding of users

Success is defined by the behaviour of users. So it pays to involve them at every stage of the design process.

Excited by what’s just now possible

What technology can do and how people behave is changing every day, presenting new opportunities to make an impact.

Working in sprints

Yep. We do the agile thing. Some of us have been doing it for almost 15 years.

Playing nicely

We recognise that we need the expertise of our clients and their partners to deliver outcomes, so we like to collaborate.

Making a difference

Tackling climate change and reducing inequality would be great. But improving your user experience is fine too. Maybe we can do both?

Clients say…

Working with Al and the Panda team has been a really rewarding and positive experience. They were knowledgeable, approachable and worked well with us, taking into account our specific service needs

Elliot Davies - Principal Social Worker, Bath & Northeast Somerset Council

The Panda team asked very useful strategic questions for products that are in the embryonic stage, considering not just users but the business viability.

Julius Baghdadi - Director, Octopus Energy Hatchery

Meet the pandas

Efi Chatzopolou profile pic

Efi Chatzopolou

A senior UX Researcher with a masters in psychology, Efi is passionate about the intersection of psychology and design. Her expertise in human behaviour guides teams in creating products that stick. Notable clients: V&A museum, Nationwide, Innovate UK and Scope.


Ben Hayes

A senior UX designer/researcher, Ben is as happy running stakeholder workshops and user testing sessions as he is prototyping complex interfaces. His background in both technical and creative roles gives him a holistic perspective on design. Notable clients include: Evora, Samaritans,, NHS, Bristol City Council.

Profile image of Dr. Katharine Lee

Dr. Katharine Lee

A research psychologist and service designer, Katharine is a research fellow at Bath University with a focus on youth and climate change. She also heads up Panda’s research function, providing guidance on research methods.

Director of Research
Dr. Patricia Lucas

Dr. Patricia Lucas

A researcher and service designer with a background in academia, Patricia is an expert in health and social care services evaluation and design.  Previous clients include DHSC, Historic England, Torfaen Council, National Institute for Health Research, and Nesta.

Profile image of Matt Medlyn

Matt Medlyn

An expert in analytics and multivariate testing, Matt works with our researchers to setup and run online experiments to test design ideas. He’s been doing it for so long he remembers when Google Analytics was called Urchin. He’s also prolific speaker at Ecommerce events, where he helps others understand how to track for actionable insight.

Profile image of Rebecca Gill

Dr. Rebecca Gill

A researcher with over twenty years experience in human-centred design (HCD),  Rebecca is driven by helping clients develop usable products and experiences that are based on evidence and meet real user needs. She has also delivers internationally recognised training courses in UCD. Past clients include BBC, HSBC,, Screwfix, Oxfam and Warwick Business School.


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