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Designing Better

Our blog features thoughts, resources and inspiration for those seeking to make a positive impact through design.


Tent in a field with my son in a chair

Angels in the detail

Posted: 14 September 2023 by Alastair Lee

How can we tell when a design detail is core to the user experience, or something we can safely ignore?


User-centred. Not user-led.

Posted: 28 November 2022 by Alastair Lee

The term 'user-led' implies that the product team is led by what users say they want. In this post Alastair explains why that's dangerous, and…

Patient using GripAble device with therapist

Learning to think like a designer

Posted: 13 July 2022 by Liz Roberts, Product Manager at GripAble

How does user-centred design differ from more traditional consulting methods? In this post Liz Roberts, Product Manager at digital health start-up…

The stars that guide the sailboat

Posted: 11 June 2021 by Alastair Lee

The Sailboat exercise is a neat way for teams to think about the factors that affect their success. But we’ve found that the standard canvas…

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What we mean by 'better'

Posted: 2 June 2021 by Alastair Lee

'Let's design better' is a catchy strap-line, and it reflects our ambition to contribute to a better world. But what do we mean by 'better'?…

Designing Better

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