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User research

To design successful products and services, you need to understand the needs of the people who might use them.

And you need to make sure what you deliver meets those needs.

That's why we do user research.


Participant recruitment

We source research participants through our recruitment partners, or with online tools.

Discovery research

Asking open questions, revealing opportunities for your org to add value to peoples’ lives.

Concept testing

Exploring, refining and validating solution ideas with input from users.

Usability testing

Can they use it? Yes they can. Or maybe they can’t. In which case you need to know, now.

Product experiments

Running quantitative tests to optimise your product and reveal what actually works.


Personas and needs

Who are they? What are their goals? What do they need from your product or service?

Experience maps

How do they currently achieve their goals? Where are opportunities to improve the experience?

Opportunity statements

‘How might we’ statements provide teams with the perfect springboard for innovative ideas.


What we learned in research and what you ought to do next. We are consultants after all!

Client's say...

Panda brings to life the lived experience of people. User research is planned and conducted with information governance and ethical standards at the heart of the approach. They work brilliantly with in-house teams to help introduce new ways of working and support their capability build by inspiring them and guiding them through the process.

Anne Louise Clarke - Exec director - Communication and Change at Audit Wales

User research in action

I was relatively new to user-research, but working with Panda has given us the confidence to put discovery research at the heart of product development.

Ben Dunn - User Experience Lead, Parmenion Capital Partners

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